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You may have heard about the revolution in manufacturing: Printers that can spew out plastic in any shape or form you want; Sophisticated CNC machines that can fit in a corner of your garage; Software that turns your laptop into an infinite design machine.

We don’t know what advances like 3-D printers or high tech garage CNC machines will ultimately do for skiing, but we do know that today, more than ever, it’s possible to get a pair of skis made just for you. While customization hasn’t reached the level that we’ve seen in the surf industry, where people have their local shaper build their entire quiver, there’s no doubt that this part of the market is growing quickly.

Only you can decide if you want to go the custom route. But to make that decision a bit easier, we’ve compiled a directory of the top custom ski manufacturers building skis for the 2014-15 season.


7even Skis
Race inspired construction manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Barnboy Skis
Based in the Champlain valley of upstate New York, Barnboy manufacturers limited production runs of totally custom skis.

Big Bend
Custom Skis from owner/builder Daryl Ross based in Revelstoke, Canada, featuring X-Laminated birch cores and sandwich constructions.

Community Skis
Located in Mammoth Lakes, California, you can not only design your own skis but build them yourself too.

Desmond Custom Ski Works
Featuring traditional materials such as Maple veneers, each pair of custom skis is built one pair at a time in this Eastern USA manufacture’s facility.

Deliberate Industrial Design
Based out of Fernie, British Columbia, DID creates custom skis and snowboards, with a maximum of 100 units each season.

This Colorado manufacturer creates custom skis, snowboards, and for those who really want to be different, monoskis.

Hang Fire Skis
This Loveland, Colorado brand has been making skis since 2007 with a four-week build time.

One of the first American custom ski manufacturers, this Jackson Hole, Wyoming company has a cult following, including many of Jackson’s best skiers.

Parlor Skis
This New England, USA custom manufacturer makes a variety of “stock” and custom models. Each pair is made to order, by hand, and allows the customer to choose from a range of options and materials to ensure that the skis they end up with are ideal for them.

The progressive shapes and in-house production of this North Shore Tahoe manufacturer are complimented by a template of 18 different models all of which can be customized.

Rocket Skis
This Jackson, New Hampshire company uses poplar and maple cores in its custom productions.

Based in Crested Butte, Colorado, Romp uses sustainable manufacturing practices including a wind-powered factory.

Saint Skis
Full custom constructions are complimented by Saint’s semi-custom offerings all manufactuered in New Hampshire, USA.

Scotty Bob
This Silverton, Colorado, company only builds skis to order and is known for its unique shapes.

LEED certified wood cores provide the foundation for the custom products created by this Sandpoint, Idaho manufacturer.

Wagner Custom
Owner and ski designer Pete Wagner manufacturers his custom creations in a fully sun and wind powered facility in Telluride, Colorado.

Worth Mountain Designs
Pick your core, shape, layup and graphics from this Vermont, USA manufacturer of custom skis. Or hit them with a crazy idea, and let them go to town.

Custom skis designed for the specific needs of the customer, created by mechanical engineer and former NASA employee Howard Wu. Pick from custom plus or custom premium design platforms.


Antra Skis
Custom and semi-custom constructions with wood topsheets based in Essex, England.

AZ Atelier Skis
Ski designer Alain Zanco spent 23-years at Rossignol honing his craft before starting his own company. Walnut, ash and acacia wood highlight his creations, manufactured in France.

Birdos only makes freeride skis. This Swiss manufacturer’s line Features custom and handmade skis. They have 3 model “standard” line, while their custom constructions start with an “on-snow” day where clients ski different Birdos products while collaborating with the brand to create a truly custom option.

BNB Custom
This Dutch custom manufacturer features bamboo cores in its custom ski and snowboard creations.

Established in 1995, this French company creates custom skis and snowboards that are built at its facility at the foot of the Alps.

Handmade custom designs, with the opportunity to create your own graphics.

Fork Tree Skis
United Kingdom based Fork Tree builds custom skis from carving to powder shapes, one pair at a time and with one-to-one customer to client ratio.

Gafski Skis
Elegant and beautiful wood creations from Italy.

Haiden Skis
Handmade, with attention to detail, produced by Gerhard Haiden in Austria.

Heidi Skis
This Swiss company makes custom skis based upon their limited edition “stock” models, design your own topsheet.

A Switzerland-based manufactuer of custom skis and snowboards, with an emphasis on carving snowboards, but they build skis, too.

Rabbit on the Roof
Rabbit on the Roof skis are handmade wood skis made for modern freeriding. They are entirely made by Peter Steltzner in Chamonix, in the old mill of Les Praz. Marrying tradition with technology, beauty and performance. The shapes aim at optimal performance in all types of terrain and snow.

This Innsbruck based manufacturer’s products feature lush wood topsheets. In addition to having the company fabricate custom options, customers also have the opportunity to build their own skis.

Based in Innsbruck, Austria, Sway creates custom skis and snowboards as well as hosts do-it-yourself ski building clinics.



New Zealand manufacturer of custom skis, all of which utilize bamboo cores for increased durability, pop and performance.




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Our design philosophies get handed down from each generation of our skis to the next and they all contribute to that special something that sets a 4FRNT ski apart from any other. We make it our mission to lead the industry in innovation through collaboration with our athletes and as a group of passionate individuals to build for you the most dynamic and authentic products.



Hoji W
We found that women were in love with the HOJI in a 179 cm length and we couldn’t keep it in stock. We designed the HOJI W with Reflect TechTM specifically  for women with a more forgiving flex for lighter frames, and contour core to match the natural geometry of a woman’s center of gravity. Plenty of ladies ski big mountain terrain and now they have a legitimate choice to ski big lines.

Price: $760
Dimensions: 129-112-121 @ 179
Sizes: 171, 179, 187cm

Best for: Women’s big-mountain and backcountry



Eric Hjorleifson’s latest masterpiece. Featuring our Reflect TechTM concept, this 102 mm waist shape provides the surfy and buoyant feel of The HOJI and Renegade in powder yet turns ultra quickly with a 23/30M tapered dual radius sidecut for firm conditions. The Raven is powered by tip and tail Carbon laminates wrapped within our revolutionary Hals Semi-Cap Construction and features a top secret dampening layer. After 5 years R&D, we proudly share with you our most refined and technically advanced ski shape.

Price: $835
Dimensions: 120-102-112mm

Best for: Freeride



All-new this year, The Gaucho features Titanal to provide confident edging and mind numbing dampness no matter how fast, firm or choppy the conditions. The Gaucho has a twin sister: The Madonna with Contour Core. With the same shape in shorter sizes and no metal, these siblings ensure a size range to accommodate any skier.

Price: $610
Dimensions:126-100-122mm @ 179 (radius =18m)
Sizes:172, 179, 186

Best for: Ripping groomers and all-mountain terrain.


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Our philosophy is based on the mountain and friendship and we create skis that reflect this. 2CO builds skis designed by skiers for skiers. We make the best skis with the best materials, at the forefront of new styles and designs, skis that meet the needs of skiers while respecting the environment. Our skis are made entirely by hand with a limited production, using natural materials that are highly functional to improve product performance. We know that we would not be here if not for the support of our friends, family and fans. It is for this reason that we give back what we can. Freeride is not just an activity, it is a way of life


With Full rocker, this ski is a magical combination of power and versatility in different snow. With 4mm camber underfoot, it makes a perfect grip while, easy to move at due to rocker, and with great speed stability. De95% powder.

Price: $650
Dimensions: 148/128/132 mm
Length: 186 cm

Best For:  Big powder.


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ZAG SKIS - Pierre Morel Photography

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Always ski outside the box! Our inspiration comes from the mountain, in particular from our great love of backcountry skiing. The Zag philosophy is to share the joys of freeride skiing with as many skiers as possible whether they are experts or ambitious beginners!



Our famous H112 gets slightly larger to bring optimum floatbility. Perfectly balanced and super stable at high speed, once you have mastered the beast there is no limit to your pleasure… A little less rocker, a little more camber: our new H112 is getting more powerful! With a light poplar woodcore, high density ABS sidewall, vulcanized rubber for shock absorption, double progressive tip and tail rockers, high density sintered base, phenol composite under the bindings for more resistance and improved top-sheet quality. 25-meter radius.

Price: $749
Dimensions: 134/106/123 mm @ 188 cm
Lengths: 176, 188, 195 cm

Best For: Freeride for experts and speed addicts!



Discover a whole new balance of camber and rocker for better performance. The ROCK will perform equally well whether you are carving on hardpack or slashing powder that makes it a perfect freeride ski. With a poplar woodcore, multi-axial fiberglass and lightweight dual layer, progressive tip rocker and flat heel rocker, normal camber. High-density sintered base, phenol composite under the bindings for more resistance and improved top-sheet quality. 18-meter radius.

Price: $679
Dimensions:  131/95/117 mm @174
Lengths:  164,174,184 cm

Best For: The perfect combination of comfort and performance.



A brand new ski in our range. With its double rocker, the Z is a genuine all-mountain plaything! Its triaxial fiber combined with its short radius provides the ski with excellent grip. With a super tough laminated poplar core, four layers of fiberglass and a double layer of multi-axial fiber. Tip and tail rocker technology, phenol composite under the bindings for more resistance and improved top-sheet quality. 18-meter radius, 15.5-meter radius.

Price: $679
Dimensions: 176-129-89 @176
Lengths: 176,184

Best For: The all-mountain experience by Zag.


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